Soul Outreach Club

Soul outreach club is the evangelism department of Light Assembly.The aim is to regularly win souls to the kingdom of God,establish them in church and ensure such souls grow in the knowledge of christ while experiencing the victorious and the fulfilling destiny that is theirs in Christ Jesus.

Daniel Weekend School

Daniel weekend school is the church brainchild and project that is set up to assist and support children in form 3 to form 12 in enhancing their educational wellbeing.
It focuses on English,maths,Art n music learning for form 3 to form 12 form to prepare and enhance students learning.
The good news about this school is that it is opened to both the church members and non-members.
It holds on Saturdays except for the last Saturday of the month.

Helping Hand Initiative

Helping Hand Initiative is established within the Light Assembly Church to support the elderly and the disabled in the community.

Love your Neighbour project

Love your neighbour project is a department in the Church that is focused on the provision of food,relief materials and support for the less privileged and the homeless in the community.

Hope Reach

This outreach fulfils its mandate by engaging in prison visitation,vocational and motivational training for ex-offenders,and societal integration for ex-offenders.